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-The Waterlase avoids the trauma of the drill to preserve more healthy tooth structure.

-Waterlase treatment can avoid the needle, meaning faster treatments and no uncomfortable after effects like a numb lip or tongue.

-Waterlase treatments are more comfortable and relaxing reducing stress and anxiety.

-The Waterlase supports the concept of conservative dentistry.

-There is enough retention from the Waterlase so the dentist only needs to remove the decay and the filling material will stay strongly in place.

-Waterlase treatments may not require anesthetic, thus the patient is able to let the dentist know that their bite is perfect.

-Since the patient is not numb with the Waterlase, the patient can eat and drink immediately after the procedure.

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EZlase Advantage

EZlase Diode laser provides the latest assistance for soft tissue services, as well as laser cleanings.

20-minute Whitening and Temporary Pain Relief

EZlase is the only diode laser that offers 20-minute full-mouth whitening and is FDA cleared for temporary relief of minor pain.

- Soft Tissue Procedures
- Hygiene
- 20-minute Laser Whitening
- Temporary Pain Relief

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